Baby Sparklers | 12x375mL pack

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Please note these are 375ml bottles, which are smaller than a regular 750ml bottle!

"Baby Iconic Sparklers" Gift set is a stunning limited edition case of 12 baby bottle (375mL) of the two world famous Blumond and Splendia.

The Limited Collection includes 6x375mL bottles of each:

  • Blumond - The World famous Blue Revolution made in Italy. It’s a sweet, velvety and seductive bubbly that is deliciously fruity and presented in distinctive and exclusive packaging. Ideal for memorable events, excellent as an aperitif, it is the must-have for every glamorous party.
  • Splendia Fragolino - An Italian sweet made with an added hint of natural strawberry. A light, delicate and fruity alternative to usuals sparkling wines. Perfect to have with dessert or after dinner. It also makes for a great aperitif, making it ideal for many occasions. 

Make your World Sparkle!

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