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Indulge in an amazing adventure with wine...The thrill of discovering new wines, regions, and vintages fuels the passion of both novices and experienced enthusiasts. We believe that the journey of creating something wonderful to be shared is what makes the world of wine so exciting. Evoking a rich and longstanding tradition, our wines travel across the world to bring you perfection for making unforgettable memories around the table. Taste our Signature Red, White, EVOO, and Iconic Bubbly selections in this 12-bottle box set!

Size: Case of 12

It includes: 1 Blumond, 1 Splendia Fragolino, 1 Volare, 1 Hugo Spritz, 1 Prosecco DOC, 1 Amor diVino, 1 Perlè Sparkling red, 1 Libero Toscana IGT, 1 Libero Riserva di Famiglia, 1 Libero Chianti DOCG, 1 Libero Bianco, 1 Libero EVOO

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