Made in Tuscany, with ❤️


Experience the charm of Tuscany with this delightful and sophisticated mixed case of 10 bottles of Tuscan red wines. From flavor to aroma, each bottle captures the essence of the cherished region and will make you feel as if you've traveled there with every sip. Made with love ❤️, this is the perfect gift for any wine lover.

Size: Case of 10 [last update 12/5/2023]

It contains: 1 Libero Toscana, 1 Libero Chianti, 1 Libero Riserva di Famiglia, 1 Il Prinicipe Machiavelli, 1 Albergaccio Machiavelli, 1 Solatio Machiavelli, 1 Villa Mangiacane Chianti Classico, 1 Villa Mangiacane Riserva, 1 Villa Mangiacane Aleah SuperTuscan, 1 Conti Serristori Sangiovede di Toscana.

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