Pinot Grigio DOC Rétro


We revive an icon of Italian wine history, with the 1960s vintage bottle and label for a new Pinot Grigio with a contemporary feel, inspired by the belief that wine traditions must be upheld.


An intense golden color; a very fine fragrant perfume, with scents of apple, citrus fruit and peaches, and hints of the Mediterranean maquis; a full elegant flavor with a voluptuous and harmonious interweave, fresh and clean with an aristocratic finish of apples, laurel, and almond which persists at length on the palate.


The perfect serve | Enjoy in a white wine glass to fully explore the depth of aroma and flavor
Service temp. | 10-12ºC
When to drink | Drink now
Storage | Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C) dark place, and away from vibrations
Closure | Cork
Alcohol by volume | 13.5%

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