SantElmo Conti Serristori


A pleasantly aromatic and intense dessert wine with hints of honey and dried fruit.


Amber yellow color with bright golden reflections. The nose releases typical aromas of the genus, with fruity notes of dried apricot and dates, withered yellow flowers, and light vanilla puffs of sweet spices and butter. The taste is decidedly sweet, warm, and vigorous, with a pleasant background of dried fruit and candied orange peel that leads to a just persistence of floral returns. Perfect with traditional cantucci but also with panforte. 


The perfect serve | Tumbler, Rock glass
Grape | Malvasia, Trebbiano
When to drink | Drink now
Service temp. | 10°C - 50°F cold
Pairing | cakes, pastries, cheese
Storage | Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C) dark place, and away from vibrations
Size | 750ml

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