Sharing excellence and glamour with the world has been our inspiration, our passion and inspiring celebration our mission.

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Celebrating life’s special moments with elegance, extraversion and glamour is the essence of who we are. From weddings to exclusive private parties, we are devoted to celebrations. As we were there for the important occasions of our fans, we’re there for your important occasions today.

Internationally acclaimed


Because we like excellent wine and celebrations. Saraceni´s high standard of quality and innovation combined with tradition is not easy to find on the market. 

Because Saraceni is the personal project of a family who want to share what they love, started making only a limited production for consumption each year.


There are lots of Saraceni moments in the day. Moderate alcohol content, fine bubbly style and refreshing fruit flavor make our Sparklers the perfect aperitif, th, with brunch, in the afternoon for social evenings, and the perfect toast for your special moments. Quality and renewed tradition make our award-winning Reds the perfect partner to any dishes. 

Saraceni is shared with friends, family and always brings joy and celebration!


Saraceni Wines is glamour & excellence uncorked, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Saraceni is ideal for home, restaurants, bars and clubs, simply the star at the most glamorous party….

But you will enjoy Saraceni best when you drink it in good company!


The visionary and innovative spirit has always defined our brand, in every arena from restaurants business, hospitality and viniculture... to new ways of celebrating with wine. It all began with our founders Lorenzo and Matteo's vision of transforming a prestigious but little known family Winery into a favorite of cosmopolitans and wine lovers throughout the World. The brothers set out to share their vision, their products, their passion and soon transformed Saraceni Wines into an international symbol of celebration, accomplishing their lifelong goal of “sharing the magic of Saraceni Wines with the world, making great memories and your #SaraceniMoments to be remembered.


Two generations, a family and an extraordinary ambition have transformed a small company in Tuscany into a leading brand on the Italian and global wine scene.

Unmistakable style, expertise and ambition to continually renew itself created an outstanding enterprise from a small paradise in the heart of Tuscany to a worldwide, growing company with the same credibility and passion that it began with.


Collections of superior quality composed of unconventional and unique wines and cocktails offer the perfect compromise between the Italian historical tradition and the desire for innovation.


Passion, tradition and innovation are our core values and leading principles that we strongly believe and support throughout the Fratelli Saraceni brand. 

We pay extreme attention to the quality, details, promotion and distribution of our products and build our relationships upon integrity, respect, fairness and trust. 

As a family company, we put these values above all.

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Since the beginning, the Saraceni family wanted to include several unique activities and products to their company that shared their core values and passions: “high quality, strong ties with the territory and professional reliability”. This lead to the creation of what is now an inspiring group of food, beverage and hospitality services. The Saraceni Group is therefore composed by, alongside the production of wines and gourmet creations, renowned and exclusive restaurants including the famous Ristorante I Tre Pini in Villa Alinari and Villa Machiavelli in Chianti Classico, one of the most historical winery/restaurants in Italy. Soon new brands and family estates will join the group to perpetuate and share our family values.



Located in the enchanting hills of Chianti, in the magnificent setting of Villa Alinari from 14th Century, between thick stone walls and large wooden doors.

Originally a Villa & farmhouse belonged among others to Lorenzo de’ Medici, then “a osteria and post house” where travelers would stop to rest and change their horses before continuing along the road known as “the wine road” of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini, careful and sensitive restoration work has now turned it into the elegant Restaurant I Tre Pini... with the aim to continue the rustic and refined cuisine of the tuscan renaissance.



Five Century of Chianti Classico History - the thick stone walls and cellars, and the vineyards and landscape beyond were home to Nicolò Machiavelli during his troubled, creative exile from Florence. 

He would eat and play cards everyday at the Albergaccio inn, and at night, in the library, he would read the classics that inspired his rapid drafting of the Prince.  Beautifully restored, it has preserved the rustic, elegant cuisine of the tuscan renaissance with a wine-making tradition of the highest calibre...                                                                                                           


This place is where to find and share inspiration to enhance and embody the Saraceni way of living. You're invited to share pictures of your Saraceni moments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest with #saraceniwines and #saracenimoments

Made in Italy. Enjoyed Worldwide.