Chardonnay del Collio | Conti F.

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It reinterprets the typicality of Collio, in order to savor and exalt the unique characteristics of the vines and allow them to express their already powerful personality. This pure Chardonnay is distinguished by its fragrant and refined perfume and its elegant full taste.

This wine is obtained 100 percent from chardonnay grapes, one of the most popular and highly regarded varieties with viticulturists owing to its ability to adapt to different climates and vinification techniques. Fermented off the skins with soft crushing, this wine matures in stainless steel vats until it is bottled.

An intense golden color; a very fine fragrant perfume, with scents of apple, citrus fruit and peaches, and hints of the Mediterranean maquis; a full elegant flavor with a voluptuous and harmonious interweave, fresh and clean with an aristocratic finish of apples, laurel, and almond which persists at length on the palate.

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