Cream Liquors LUXE pack

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!NEW! Who said dreams can’t come true? Meet our brand new range of lip-smackingly delicious cream liquors! Indulge Yourself in pure pleasure. 
Best served cold, they are perfect not only after meals over ice, but also at any time of the day. They are used as an ingredient in cocktails and they are ideal with cakes, fruit salads, sorbets or as topping for ice creams.

The LUXE pack includes:

1x Limoncino Cream | A masterpiece. A pleasantly sweet, velvety, and incredibly soft liquor that will bring Italian Summer on your palate.

1x Chocolate Cream | If you ever dream of grown-up chocolate drink loveliness (we certainly do), we’ve got the best news. Meet our new rich, luxurious, acclaimed Italian chocolate cream liquor!

1x Coffee Cream A delicious combination, a distinct drinking experience that brings together two favorite indulgences, cream liquor & Italian coffee, for a big bold hit of wonderful. 

1x Strawberries Cream | Just a dreamy flavor. Indulge yourself in a strawberry bubble of pure pleasure, we won’t tell anyone.

1x Grappa Cream | Thanks to the combination of the Italian Grappa with the cream, we created a yummy proper liquor that is finding more and more estimators all over the world.

1x Pistachio Cream | Sweet, rich flavor of Italian pistachio combined with the smoothness of cream liquor, handcrafted to create the perfect balance of smooth texture and great taste. 

Pack Size | 6 bottles of 700ml each
Production area | Tuscany
Type | Creams & Liquors
Serving temp. | 3°C (37°F) - Chilled
Alc. | 17%
Recommended Glass | Tumbler or Martini glass

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