Crema di Grappa

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700 mL bottle

Grappa, like you've never tasted before. This liquor is born from the wise mixture among the grappa Toscana and the cream of milk. That's a way to make Grappa not so aggressive, young and fresh. From the union of the Grappa with the cream we have a yummy proper liquor that is finding more and more estimators.


Production area | Tuscany
Type | Creams & Liquors
Color | White with cream hues
Bouquet | Intense, yielded, characteristic of the cream.
Taste | Soft, velvety, intense, characteristic, pleasant.
Size | 700ml
Closure | Natural cork
Serving temp. | 3°C (37°F) - Chilled
Alc. | 17%
Serving suggestions | It is perfect over ice after meals, or like ice cream topping. It is used as an ingredient in cocktails and, or served with coffee and whipped cream as dessert.
Recommended Glass | Tumbler or Martini glass

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