Iconic Italian Sparklers


Saraceni Iconic Bubbly box - 10 fantastic and unconventional creations, a very special gift set of the world-famous Iconic Sparklers. An offering of the finest Italian sparkling wines, each imbued with its own character and flavor. A truly momentous experience, perfect for special occasions or just toasting to the good life.

Size: Case of 10 [Mix updated on 5/12/2023]

It contains: 1 Blumond, 1 Splendia Fragolino, 1 Volare, 1 Hugo Spritz, 1 Mario Lemoncello, 1 Amor diVino, 1 Prosecco DOC, 1 Prosecco Rosé, 1 Perlè, 1 Moscato d'Asti Spumante

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