Brachetto D'Acqui


!NEW! aromatic, intense, fruity

This is a unique Italian star. Soft and appealing, it may be enjoyed as a delicious aperitif, between-meal, or after-dinner wine. Luxurious, vivacious, and aromatic, you'll be delighted by its hints of raspberries, cherries, and rose petals.

The perfect serve | Enjoy in a "Tulip" glass to fully explore the aroma
Perfect for | Staying in on a Friday night and "me" time, or with your after-dinner conversations.
Sweetness | Sweet
When to drink | Drink now to 2023
Storage | Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C) dark place, and away from vibrations
Closure | Cork
Service temp. | Cold at 8-10ºC (46-50°F)
Alcohol by volume | 5.5% naturally light and sweet

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