Vipra Rosé


Vipra Rosé is uniquely fragrant, lively and smooth. The local and international grapes are fermented off the skins, with a short maceration of the skins and must at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. The meticulous fermentation process endows the wine with coral pink color tending to light cherry red; fresh, fragrant aromas; and a velvety, well-balanced flavor with hints of cherry fruit and floral notes of roses and violets.



The perfect serve | Enjoy in a "Tulip" glass to fully explore the aroma
Perfect for | sunshine, 'alfresco' moments, and "me" time
Service temp. | 4-6ºC chilled
When to drink | Drink now
Storage | Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C) dark place, and away from vibrations
Closure | Screw cap
Size | 750ml

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